Auto Title Loans

It's possible to use the equity in your car as collateral to borrow money. Many people have used this option to obtain funds because they need some fast cash and may not have sufficient credit to justify a standard loan. However, because of how they work, an auto title loan, may not be the best option for you.

Auto Title Loans Requirements

To take out an auto loan, you must show documented proof that you own the vehicle or hold the title. Most of the automobile must be paid off or you won’t be considered for the loan. It’s the equity in your vehicle that is used as collateral, so you need to own a significant portion of it.

Auto Title Loans Can Be Risky

If you default on your loan, your car can be repossessed. For a lot of people this is what makes this form of loan less than ideal. For some of us, that risk is not worth the benefit, especially in this uncertain economy. We need our vehicles to get to work every day, and losing that ability could cripple your finances.

Consider a Less Risky Option

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