Cash Advances

Cash Advances, or "Payday Loans", have become quite popular in recent times. This is most likely due to their ease in applying for, despite the rough economic climate. It’s an appealing quick fix for those who need Quick Cash to settle financial debts. However, they are rarely practical as a Debt Solution.

Requirements for Cash Advances

In order to qualify for a Cash Advance you must provide documentation that shows you are employed and that you have a steady income. Most lenders also require your have an active bank account and that you make about $1,000 a month at your job.

Why Cash Advances are Dangerous

In most all cases, cash advances must be paid back in full by your next pay period. Failing to back the loan in full can leave you further in debt than you began, because the interest rate can spike so drastically. Some cash advance lenders don’t emphasize this fact enough, for risk of scaring potential borrowers away.

The Solution to the Cash Advances Issue

Luckily, cash advances are not your only lending option. USA Web Cash offers Installment Loans with low APR, higher loan amounts and customized repayment plans that allow you to repay your loan slowly over time.

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